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Low Water Landscaping Ideas

Posted by Mrs C // July 13, 2016

Water drought issue in California has made me browse through xeriscaping or also knows as low water landscape design. Some of our neighbors have changed their front yard with very minimal grass and plants. Where we live currently, there’s an incentive reimbursement program from the water company to change our landscape into a low water style […]

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How To Conserve Energy At Home

Posted by Mrs C // July 6, 2016

Nowadays, lots of people are looking for ways to conserve energy at home. Not only it saves money, it is also good for environment. There are also lots of incentives for people to make improvements in their home to save energy like rebate programs. So, it is definitely worth it to look into it. Here […]

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Buying A House Guide

Posted by Mrs C // June 29, 2016

If this is your first home, you might want to create your house buying checklist. If you want to really make a difference on the market so you can purchase the perfect home, then you will need to possess attention to detail to pull things off. There are quite a few ways you can work […]

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Childrens Bedroom Designs

Posted by Mrs C // June 22, 2016

I love looking at childrens bedroom designs. When designing a room for kids, fun and full of imagination are parts of the requirements. But from practical standpoint, and my view as a mom, I care more about their safety and how easy it is to declutter/clean the room.   Here are the list of things […]

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Tips For Downsizing Your Home

Posted by Mrs C // June 15, 2016

Moving into a smaller house can be quite overwhelming, especially when you need to give up some of your belongings. You don’t simply get rid of your stuff. How do you decide what to bring with you and what to leave behind?  What to do with the excess stuff? These questions may put a lot […]

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Countertop Material Options

Posted by Mrs C // June 8, 2016

Whether you’re renovating a kitchen or bathroom, you have to choose from different kinds of countertops. Which one should you choose? So many different countertop material options with different price range and qualities. Below are the pros and cons among the popular choices of countertop materials: Butcher block This countertop is made of wood with […]

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Real Estate Vs Stock Market

Posted by Mrs C // June 1, 2016

There are ways to capitalize on investing your hard-earned money and turning a major profit, the popular ones are real estate and the stock market. The question is which investment avenue is more reliable? A Tangible Investment Unlike stocks, investing in real estate is investing in something tangible: a house, an apartment complex, land, property, […]

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Home Staging

Posted by Mrs C // May 25, 2016

Home staging is the preparation of a residence for sale in the real estate market. The goal is to make the home as appealing and attractive as possible, to make an excellent and accurate first impression, and to not leave any question marks in the head of a prospective buyer. By staging the home, you […]

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Best Home Improvements For Resale

Posted by Mrs C // May 11, 2016

Maybe you’re interested in selling your cherished home after many years or even thinking ahead long term down the road toward that far-away day when you decide to sell. Whatever you plan to sell your house today, tomorrow or a year from now, you may want to look into investing into making said home as […]

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Real Estate Investment Terms

Posted by Mrs C // March 30, 2016

Real estate terms to know for real estate investing world. Knowledge always build confidence, therefore make sure you know these basic terms before you talk to any real estate professionals.  It’s not only make you sound smart, but also you can calculate your investment risk using some of these formulas. CAP Rate (Capitalization Rate) CAP rate […]

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