Designs of Bathroom

Designs of Bathroom

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Other than an updated modern kitchen, another room in the house that will definitely lure lots of home buyers is the new updated bathroom, especially the master bathroom. For some people, is also the place where they can relax and enjoy their “me” time after a day of work. Other than aesthetic element, when designing a bathroom, I would consider the following things:

Make sure it looks clean and it’s easy to clean

Bathroom is a room that gets dirty the easiest and the fastest. It’s definitely needs to be cleaned constantly.  If you have to clean it yourself, design a bathroom that is easy to clean.

Floating cabinets

Not only it looks modern and creates an illusion of a bigger floor space, it is also will make a floor cleaning job easier. It’s definitely a win-win situation.

Under mount sinks

I find over mounted sink create an unnecessary extra cleaning job. When I wipe a counter top, I have to stop where the sink is mounted, and has to clean around those mounting area. With under mount sink/sinks, I can just wipe the counter top clean in one swipe. All the dirt could just go to the sink and just water it down. How convenient!

White color has to exist

White represents purity and cleanliness, also it makes the room appears bigger in a small bathroom. For me personally, I like everything white in the bathroom, colors can be thrown in by using colorful accessories like a floor mat or a wall art. But I consider other color choices as long as there is white in some major design element i.e. white wall, white floor, white cabinets, white counter top, big white tub, and/or white sink. Again, it’s a place that needs to be cleaned constantly, white color makes it easier to look where to clean.

Use glossy wall paint

This is the room that the wall paint has to be glossy due to humidity. Matte color paint will be easily peeled off over time.

Use tile, not wood or carpet

Again, due to humidity, hard wood or carpet floor won’t work in the bathroom. I could understand when someone is wanting a hardwood floor in the bathroom, but I really couldn’t comprehend putting a carpet in the bathroom like some old houses did. It’s really a bad choice for hygienic reason. For a warm flooring, you can always install a heated floor. Also, if you really like the look of wood, you can use wood tiles. It has the exact same look as wood.

Consider an open concept master bathroom

If the space is not too big, consider an open concept between master bedroom and master bathroom. It will open up the whole room and makes the room looks brighter and bigger.

Consider a Skylight

When there’s no space to put a window in the bathroom wall, look up the ceiling, you should consider installing a skylight. Even if you have windows, skylight would give extra light in the room. Brighter room looks cleaner and looks bigger. That’s what a bathroom needs.


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