High Tech Homes

High Tech Homes

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Circles With Grey and Color Controls With WordingIn the world of technology, what are the cool high tech home gadgets? Whether you are following tech trend or not, you will definitely notice and acknowledge that technology is moving very fast in today’s modern world. All things that used to be seen only in the Hollywood movies suddenly become reality. For example, flying drones, self driving car, flying car and a cellphone that has become smarter everyday. A lot of things can be controlled at your fingertip just by downloading certain app.

This is true on some high tech home gadgets. Which one is the useful one? They all depend on your need. Here are the list of current home gadgets that I really like.

Smart Refrigerator

There are various brands of smart refrigerators that enable you to see what is inside your fridge from your cellphone. No worries if you forgot what you have before getting new groceries. LG ThinQ, which is also known as a diet-friendly refrigerator, even has a built-in dietician that can suggest a healthy food option.

Smart Home Lock

With the smart home lock, you can lock your home from anywhere using a phone app. Lockitron fits over the inside your current deadbolt. You can share your home access with your family or a guest. Or if you have a rental property, this would be a very convenient option. It can also notify you whether the door was unlocked using a phone or a key.

Smart Thermostat

Basically, you can control the temperature at your home using your phone. This is an energy saver gadget and help you save on energy bill. Nest thermostat is one of the example, it can automatically recognize when you walk out the door even though in the room that has the least traffic. The best thing is imagine that you can set up your home temperature before you come home from a very hot or a very cold day. Sounds amazing to me! Home sweet home!

WeatherTRAK Sprinkler Controller

With the water drought situation, this technology can help you control the usage of water in your sprinkler system. It is designed for residential, commercial and an irrigation system. Not only this is good for the environment, but also this can help you save money on your water bill. HydroPoint WeatherTRAK Controller can help you prevent over watering situation.

ADT Remote Home Monitoring

This app helps you with your home security system. This can give you a peace of mind when you are away from home. You can view you security camera feed, see the alarm status and you can also disarm your home alarm from your phone.

Philips HUE Light Bulb

Forget switch, how cool is it to be able to turn on and turn off your light just through your phone? Philips HUE Light Bulbs works in any WiFi range. You can also set a mood of your lighting using your phone. Awww…technology, you never fail to amaze me!

Which high tech home gadget that excited you the most?

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