Home Update Ideas

Home Update Ideas

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There are a lot of ways to modernize your home. If you live in an older home, you might start thinking on how to just upgrade your home instead home moving out. Depending on how old your home is, this can be a big major construction, renovation job. Every detail matters in order to make your home looks updated. Here are some areas that you should look into when you do a home upgrade:

Knock down the wall

Most older homes don’t have the open concept between kitchen, dining room and the living room. Knocking down a wall can create that airy open space that newer modern home has.

Add more natural lights

Modern homes pay lots of attention on the lighting at home. Adding a window or two or maybe consider a skylight to add more natural light to your home.

Open up the ceiling

Older homes tend to have low ceiling. Not just it makes the house feels un-modern, it also doesn’t feel spacious and airy. To create a high ceiling, you can get rid of the attic and create a vaulted ceiling.

Simple paint job

Less is more in a modern home. Instead of a patterned wallpaper, just paint a monochromatic color on the wall. If you decided to open up the ceiling, continue the wall color up to the ceiling. This will also create a higher ceiling and bigger room effect.

Bigger baseboard

Everything in the modern home is bigger, bigger room size, open concept, higher ceiling, etc. That means you should use bigger baseboard to continue creating that modern feeling throughout the house.

Update your furniture and fixture

Some houses just simply need a cosmetic update, like changing the furniture and fixture into a more modern, up to date style. This includes updating your cabinets, whether it’s in the kitchen and/or bathroom. Don’t get discourage yet. Sometimes all you need to do is a simple paint job and new hardware for those cabinets. If so, this can be a weekend DIY project =).

Update the flooring

Even though floor is not on your eye level, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t need an update. Other than walls, floor is the biggest part of the home so it plays a major role in making your home looks updated or not. If you have carpet flooring, change the carpet. A light grey is a nice choice to make a home look modern. If it’s a hardwood floor, refinish and re-polish it into a darker color certainly helpful.

Curvy/round wall corners

If you’re doing a home remodeling, might as well pay attention to every little detail like wall corners. I find it not a big deal whether or not you update this, but if you’re already hiring a contractor to upgrade your home, why not? Newer homes have round wall corners. This is also safer if you have little kids at home.

Modern Accessories

After all those hard work, don’t forget to accessorize your home with modern, up to date style home goods; pillows, throw, flower vases, etc.

Good luck and have fun redesigning your home!



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