Staying Warm In Winter

Staying Warm In Winter

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I can’t believe it’s already mid September 2016 and I started looking on how to keep warm in the winter. Even though there’s no snow where we live, it is still cold, especially when the harsh wind blows. Cold weather means heater use is definitely up which translates to higher utility bills during winter months.

You have a few months before the cold weather start to hit your home. Better prepare while you still warm, toasty and not lazy to get up and get out of the house.¬†There are ways to help keep the natural warm in the house and help using the heater at home efficiently. Let’s start looking at some details that you might have missed in order to prevent the heat escaping your house.

Use thick curtains

Thick curtains with thermal lining is one of the cheap options to keep your house warm. The thicker the curtain, the better it is to retain the heat at home. Keep the windows open during the day and let the natural sunlight to come into the house. Sunlight is the best free heater available out there. Then as soon as the day turns to dark, close the curtain to retain the heat at home.

Use a programmable thermostat

Set the temperature automatically and program it during certain period of time of the day. This will make your life easier and maintain the efficiency of energy use, therefore it helps to lower your utility bill.

Seal any leaks

Check your windows and doors for possible leaks in the house. Also check your attic and basement. Here is a DIY guide on how to find hidden air leaks in the house and how to insulate it.

Keep the door closed

Not just the front door of the house, if you would like to keep the room warm, keep the door room closed. This will prevent the heat to escape.

Set your ceiling fan to turn clockwise

Some ceiling fan has a winter setting. This will make the fan turning clockwise instead of counter clockwise. Heat rises up and in a high ceiling home, using the ceiling fan this way will help push the warm air down.

Use warm material bedsheet

Another way to stay  warm is to change your bedsheet from regular cotton to fleece, flannel or satin. These materials will keep you warm and gives you better sleep during cold season.

Rearrange your furniture

Check your current furniture arrangement, does it cover the vent? Is it blocking the radiator? Does it sit too close to the big window? Rearrange and make sure it doesn’t block anything and keeping you warm and toasty while sitting on it.

Floor Rug

I like tile floor as it is easy to clean and it gives this cool feeling during summer. But this can be very cold during winter time. Get thick floor rug to cover the floor. It will serve as a nice room decoration and keep your feet warm during cold season.





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